In 2010, our team traveled to Ilam for the implementation of a reed bed system to be used by a hospital. The system was designed to filter water contaminated by hospital waste and sewage through a series of 4 reed beds, each of which was designed with a series of plastic pipes that run over the surface of the variously sized aggregate. In theory, the water would be clean enough to be distributed back into a creek that runs in the Mai Khola.

However, this project was never fully put to use. At the time of implementation, the hospital simply did not produce enough waste to pass through all four reed beds, and the system never made it online. 

At the time, this was the largest project to be undertaken by any EWB team at the University of Colorado. Although the project was ultimately not successful, the team gained valuable knowledge about project management and working with the community in Ilam.


Ilam Reed Bed Project

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