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The State of the Union

My fellow EWB enthusiasts, these are difficult times, there is no denying that. But make no mistake. The travel team is as strong as ever (some of the pipe unions on the other hand are questionable). What this project needs now more than ever is bipartisan support. If we do not complete this project, then who? If not now then when?

As fun as using the kerosene blow lamp was, the butt fusion tee cracked under strain after all was attached.

The tee still intact

We ended up going with two separate drainage pipes and connected them with sockets and elbows as well as waterproof sealant.

Even the headmaster jumped in to help!

The Headmaster helps dig the drainage

We also straightened out the rebar in the tap stand.

Emily explains rebar leveling

Daniel and James use a tube and water as a makeshift level

While school is not officially out for summer holiday, the number of students yesterday was minimal. We had the usual tea and digestive biscuits for Khaja (afternoon snack)

We’ll be back at it tommorow.

-EWB Vhidesis (foreigners)

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