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The Drive to Kalinchok

Updated: Jun 23, 2018

This morning we picked up some supplies from stores around Charikot including buying a bucket for flow rate testing and a tarp on which to mix cement.

Walking in Charikot

Before we order the rest of the plumbing supplies we need to check out the flow rate at the current school tap and verify that there truly is enough water and pressure to supply a six-faucet tap stand.

The majority of the day was spent driving to Kalinchok!

Jeep views

We clambered into jeeps and spent the next five hours bumping along roads that got progressively worse. As we began the final leg into Kalinchok there was a narrow switchback we ended up having to go backwards down.

It seemed that every possible hill was intricately terraced. A few minutes away by road from the NCDC office we crossed a puddle and a cloud of patterned white and black butterflies shrouded the car; a beautiful welcome to the community we will be spending the next month or more in!

Emily and I waited by the NCDC office for the rest of the team who were in the next car. As the sun set, winged termites took to the sky and fireflies twinkled in the crops.

John Galetza, a previous EWB mentor, is already here and working with Sabah Pirani, an Engineering for Developing Communities Graduate Student at CU Boulder, mapping Kalinchok via drone.

We are staying in a home a few terraces above the NCDC office. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds! It is so good to finally be here.


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