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Tap stand Design

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Lisa and Rajan discuss piping at a hardware store

We spent today collaborating to finalize the tap stand design for Balodaya high school.

James, Bhupal, and Rajan discuss the piping layout at the NCDC office

We worked in the NCDC office here in Charikot with NCDC engineer Rajan to talk through the design, from piping details to drainage. It was very productive to sketch out the plans we made this past semester, verify that they would work in reality, and alter what was necessary to ensure constructability and maintainability.

Lisa presents ideas on design modifcations

Since much of the design process is contingent upon availability of materials, after lots of brainstorming we visited a store with some pipe fittings and will visit another store tomorrow (which was closed today for the weekend).

We spent the rest of the afternoon drawing out designs and updating the quantities sheet.

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