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A Little Late is Better than Never!

Namaste friends, family, EWB-alum, and other followers of our work! We are so sorry for the delay with posting - due to technical website difficulties before travel. Our team is excited now to share about our Winter 2019-2020 trip! We are so appreciative of all of your support. Please reach out to the website email with any questions about our trips.

Our travel team for the Winter 2019-2020 trip consisted of Maddie Karr, the Finance team lead, Shelby Buckley, the Design team Lead, and Seth Porter, a co-Project Manager. We planned to meet our mentor, John Galetzka in Bhadrapur airport close to Ilam after we arrived. A few days after we finished up our finals we packed up our bags and equipment and met at DIA to take on Nepal. We traveled from DIA to JFK in NYC, to Doha, Qatar, and finally to Kathmandu. We arrived in Kathmandu in the afternoon greeted by our team’s long-time travel mentor, Bhupal. Bhupal helped take our jet-lagged selves to Rashmi’s homestay where we had our first Dal Bhaat experience and passed out that night from exhaustion. That night, we also met another one of our travel companions, Sanju Singha, a geology mentee of John’s. Our rest was short-lived, as we immediately took off early the next day for Bhadrapur airport. On the flight, we were able to see an incredible view of the Himalayas and even got a chance to glimpse Everest. When we landed in Bhadrapur airport, we collected our bags and met John and his second geology mentee, Biraj Lama. That morning, we hopped in a cab and climbed into the foothills to get to Ilam. Once we got to Ilam, the team began settling into our second homestay with Shanti and had the opportunity to get to know the team, talk more about the project, and walk around and visit more parts of Ilam. During that time, we also met Pradeep, another NCDC employee and travel mentor. The next day, we started the beginning of our work, with Maddie and John taking off to Ilam to source some of the basic construction materials needed for our project, and Seth and Shelby examining a past project, Papate Dhara, to learn more about the implementation of spring source protection projects. Later that day, we had our first meeting at the NCDC Ilam headquarters with Pradeep, Kaji, and Madhu. We were able to learn more about NCDC, talk about our travels and plans, and go over a preliminary design review with Madhu. After these few days, we packed our bags, said goodbye to Shanti, and headed a few hours down the road to Hattitar.

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