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A Formative Moment

Finally a no rain day and we have the sunburns to prove it!

Leech Bite!

Yesterday we took cover for a few hours during the downpours, but in between we laid out all the plumbing for the tap and began on the stone soiling (a layer of 4-6 inches of rock that goes beneath the actual concrete of the tap stand). We also cut and bent all the necessary rebar for the structure of the tapstand.

Putting form together

Lisa drills into form work

Daniel makes sure form is level

The day's progress in stone soiling and base wood form

We took the morning today to work inside the tank! Abbie climbed in and attached strainers to the outflow pipes for the community and school to prevent debris from clogging the pipe. We also adjusted the heights of the outflow strainers such that the school outflow pipe is lower in the tank than the community’s pipe so that if the level in the tank gets low, the school gets water priority. The community has an 8,000 liter reservoir tank to draw from when water in the school tank gets low.

James and Lisa cut 25mm pipe to attach to school system

Float Valve: to stop water inflow when tank water levels get too high

We also began tying the rebar for the tap stand form together. It is so exciting to finally see things coming together.

Pokhar and Salika bend rebar using a GI pipe

Construction days are long0 -6am-6/7pm-but well worth the exhaustion.


James, Emily, Daniel, and Abbie

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