Godak Roughing Filter Project

The goal of this project was to implement a roughing filter in an already existing water transportation system in order to increase the quality of the water in the Godak community. There was previously a pipeline that went from the spring source to the tap stand and a new and unused storage tank near the pipeline. Essentially, this team built one part of a larger project that was already underway.


The purpose of the roughing filter is to lower the turbidity of the water, meaning that the roughing filter must remove the larger particles of any substance from the water. As the water flows through the three different sizes of aggregate, the larger particulates in the water become trapped by the aggregate, leaving the water cleaner than it was when it came from the spring, as well as making it easier to treat downstream. Within this process, there are two important components of the roughing filter that need to be monitored, maintained, and measured: the influent flow control device and the roughing filter box itself. Effluent water turbidity should also be measured to ensure the filter is working properly. Each component is explained in depth in the following sections of the report.

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