Our Current Project

Our team is currently working on a water distribution project with the Hattitar community in Eastern Nepal. Summer 2020 entails the remote implementation of a spring source protection dam.  






Project Background:

In the Spring of 2019, our team moved from the Kalinchowk region back to the Ilam region in Eastern Nepal. This move started a new chapter in our organization's timeline and a new project for us to begin. During the Summer of 2019, our team worked to complete two major tasks: closing out our old past projects with a final monitoring and evaluation trip, and beginning a preliminary assessment for a new project The monitoring and evaluation portion of the summer was spent revisiting spring sources around the Ilam area, taking water quality samples, interviewing local stakeholders if possible, and attempting to learn about the successes and weaknesses of our team's past projects, some of which were over 12 years old. That Summer was also spent learning about a potential new project in the Hattitar village of the Maijogmai (formerly Namsaling) Rural Municipality. With the help of the Namsaling Community Development Center, NCDC, the team met with the members of the community and did some basic surveying of the local spring source - the foundation of the next potential project. When the team returned from the summer trip and began the academic school year, we began working on the new paperwork to start the project, identifying design and surveying needs, and revamping the team to successfully partner with the community on this project. This led up to the Winter 2019-2020 trip, a formal assessment trip dedicated to gathering more in-depth survey and design information about the spring source, and strengthening connection and communication with the community. This trip allowed the team to finalize the conceptual design. When the team returned, we finished up the assessment work and alternatives analysis, and was moving onto seeking approval for the high-level designs - with the intention of being able to implement a spring source protection to reservoir tank section in the subsequent summer trip. Even the Summer 2020 travel team was preparing for the trip when the COVID-19 crisis forced us to stop travel. While saddening to the team, the team plans on still moving forward with a remote implementation of the spring source protection to reservoir tank section of the design with appropriate modifications and with the help of NCDC and the community. Throughout this project, NCDC and the community have been excellent partners and helped share so much of what Nepal is with the EWB students. The team is excited to return back to the community as soon as we are able to, and look forward to working with our partners over the next several years.

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